Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Warm, muddy days

Monday's temperature was perfect! On Sunday I saw that Aldi's was having a sale on rain boots and so after breakfast we headed to the super saver store and purchased a pair for each of the boys. The ones they picked out in the ad weren't available in their sizes, but amazingly they were completely fine with the ones they chose.

We headed to Glenwood Gardens for some good ol' fashioned puddle jumping. I had them in old sweats and with the mild weather it was going to be a fun day. There weren't as many puddles there as I thought there'd be. We met Grandma R. there and she brought a big blue bouncy ball and we kicked it around the field.

When they grew tiresome of that we took a walk and that's when their prayers were answered: small patches of snow. They stomped on the snow, stirred it with sticks, and got what they wanted--a mud puddle!! You should have seen the look of joy on their faces while they hopped up and down in that itty-bitty puddle of their own creation.

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