Friday, November 19, 2010


"By aligning ourselves with the imperative of the technium, we can be more prepared to steer it where we can and more aware of where we are going. By following what technology wants, we can be more ready to capture its full gifts."

--Kevin Kelly, Wired magazine founding editor
I have great concerns about technology and my children (e.g. cell phones, video games, internet). Sometimes I wonder if I'm really an old lady, rejecting the new way of life. This quote gave me a better outlook on technology. Kevin and I are huge fans of Wired magazine. They do such a great job of presenting technology in an interesting and understandable manner. Well, maybe I'm the only one who needs it in an "understandable" manner!

The above quote is from Kelly's newest book What Technology Wants and he likens technology to water, in that water "wants" to flow downward and technology has its own force as well. It cannot be stopped. I need to get this through my head and know that at home and in the classroom there will always be technology, more with each passing day. It is better for my kids to be familiar with it than to reject it with my "old lady" ways. And really, I shouldn't be dissing old people. Many are welcoming technology with open arms. Like what I learned from Walter Bruening. There's nothing wrong with accepting change. It's a part of life.

At the last PTO meeting they were talking about how there are Smart Boards in the classrooms and soon the kids will all be doing their lessons on iPads. Or whatever they're called. I'm not sure I'll be able to recognize a classroom soon! Or even be able to help my kids with their homework. Yikes!

But with accepting I do think that it is good for kids to learn the etiquette that comes along with things like cell phones and texting. In fact, there's probably a lot of adults who could learn some etiquette as well! Ah, you can't take the old fashioned out of the lady, I suppose.

"Wait a minute! This isn't Weird magazine!"

-Homer Simpson

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