Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Installment of Art

Charlie's Bear

Lou's Halloween picture
(If you get a chance enlarge it and look at the details. He spent a lot of time on it!)

Charlie's Halloween Picture

Benny's Frankenstein

Charlie's Five Pumpkins on a Gate

Benny's Bat

Lou's Glove--The Monster, where hits get gobbled up

Charlie's Amoebas (?) (him, me, and Mere)

Benny's Halloween Picture--look at the Dracula!

Lou's Fall drawing

Benny's Jack-o-lantern

Benny's Five Pumpkins sitting on a Gate
(if you come up with a new song/story for Halloween you will make millions! I swear, this is the only one out there that teachers use.)
Charlie's Leaf

Charlie's H painting

(I apologize for the odd angles of some of the pics! I don't know why they posted like that.)

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