Monday, November 22, 2010


And, as I remember it, those warm summer nights of not being focused on were liberating. In the long sticky hours of boredom, in the lonely, unsupervised, unstructured time, something blooms; it was in those margins that we became ourselves.

--Katie Roiphe
As many moms I know, I teeter the line between what it means to "mother" and being too involved. I recently read an article and this is a quotation from it that I really like. I have more I'd like to say about it, but I think the quote speaks for itself. Remembering what it was like to be a child, I don't want my kids to have a mom that dictates every moment of the day for them. They need to be free to be a kid, not perform the role I want them to have in life.

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Amanda said...

A good reminder for me as well. For the record, I think you're a great mom. Seriously, every day, I hear you in my head talking about letting the boys work things out themselves. :) thanks.