Monday, November 1, 2010

On Saturday

Saturday morning, bright and early (9am--hard for this family to get out the door!), Louie had his first tournament game for soccer. It was pretty chilly, lots of frost covering everything, but the boys were fired up to take on the Wildcats.

Between chasing kids around, chatting with the other parents and screaming for the team until my throat was sore, I didn't take any pictures of the game. Awful, I know. Good news though, the boys won their first game and the second took place three hours later. We went home, ate lunch and then headed back to the field, this time to take on Mustangs.

The outcome wasn't as great this time. It was obvious that the boys were worn out from the first game. The other team was running circles around them. It probably helped that they had a bye in the first round. The guys had a great season, definitely something to build on next year. Louie didn't want to hear any of that, though. The poor guys was in tears after the whistle was blown. The tears didn't stop during the ride home and when we got out of the van.

I took him aside to talk, because this is something all too familiar to me. After every season I would tear up. Embarrassing, I know. I don't know if I was like that when I was as young as Lou, but as I got older, and definitely in high school. You don't want it to end, especially if it ends on a losing note. You put so much of yourself into the sport, it almost feels like you're losing a part of yourself when its over.

I don't remember what I said, other than sharing with him that I've been there, too talk. It's not a bad thing, although it's hard to see your kid upset. But it means that he was really into it, he cared about his team and the sport. He's got passion already in his short six years, and I think that's something that we are in short supply of these days--in both kids and adults.

He dried his eyes and I gave him a hug and he went inside to change out of his uniform. Basketball starts next Saturday, and after that is baseball. Soccer will be back next fall, but it's not about one sport or another. Or even just sports. Louie puts his heart and soul into almost everything he does and for that, I am proud of him. He's a good kid.

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