Monday, November 15, 2010

Extra Days of Summer

We have been thoroughly enjoying the gift of warm weather the past week! We did yard work, played soccer and basketball, and rode bikes in the yard. How nice! The kids had their friends over and ran themselves until they crashed. Louie asked me to take the picture above after Benny and Charlie went inside. I wish that I wasn't so busy doing long overdue chores that I didn't think to bring it out sooner and take more shots of the day!

We also grilled out, which is such a treat. I wish our camera could take night shots more easily. I love the feeling in our backyard with the soft lights hanging overhead. If I shared a picture of Mere pushing her stroller around you'd see a blurred image running past. Hopefully this one will do for you to see that we're still enjoying the out of doors well into November!

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Amanda said...

I love that picture of the lights! LOVE IT!!!