Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Art (aka lots and lots of turkeys)

Louie's FALL sign

Benny's jack-o-lantern

Benny's pumpkins on a gate

Charlie's leaf

Charlie's "H"s (sorry for sideways shot)

Louie's turkey

Benny's Indian corn

Benny's turkey

Louie's Thankful Turkey

Louie's Teepees


Benny's bloody toothed monster?

Louie's turkey plea to eat pizza instead of turkey

Another Louie turkey

Another Charlie turkey

Another Charlie turkey

Charlie Indian corn (kind of looks like it was painted with a corn cob)

Wow, another Louie turkey. I guess this was a math activity, so a little different.

Louie's owl. I love it! Big fan of owls.

(I think) another Louie turkey. A bit more abstract, though.

Benny's name card turkey

Benny's turkey plea to eat pie instead of turkey.

Another Charlie Indian corn

Louie's Sponge Bob and Patrick play-doh creations

(Some of these art pieces were from school, others from Louie and Benny's church school.)

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