Monday, November 8, 2010

A Special Treat

On Sunday we were taken out for a special treat. Uncle Jeff recently completed his master's degree, all while working a full time job for the government, so I'm sure you can imagine how big of a step this was.

He was in Cincinnati and wanted to go out to someplace unique to the city. What is more unique than The Rookwood? It was my favorite restaurant years and years ago and since then it has changed ownership quite a few times, many of them not recognizing the rich history of the building and therefore did not succeed.

This is not the case with the newest owners, as they have embraced the building and its past for what its worth and provide not only incredible ambiance, but a really good meal, too! The kids had a good time exploring the building and patio with Grandma while we waiting for our food.

They don't have an extensive kids menu, but it offered up what the boys and Meredith like--chicken strips and burgers. Everyone else at our table (ten adults) had nothing but rave reviews for what was delivered to them. This will definitely be a place that we visit in the future, hopefully when it's warmer so we can take advantage of the patio and the incredible view of the city!
Congrats, Uncle Jeff! We're so proud of you!

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