Monday, November 15, 2010

An Update

Charlie has been "sick" less since I last posted about it, but this mysterious illness is not all gone. While I was out of town he was completely fine--no hives or anything--and I am thankful for that. Yesterday after a nap he woke up covered in hives, head to toe. The Benadryl and cream worked and he was fine after he settled down.

After talking to his doctor today it sounds like they're running more tests on the blood they took and we should know in the next couple of days if there's anything going on other than a viral infection that just needs to run its course.

Charlie's lymph nodes are still swollen, that seems to be cause of concern in the doctor's eyes. Benny was complaining of a sore throat last night and his glands seemed to be swollen, too. Here's to hoping that it's just a little illness that is going to run through the family and leave us healthy for the rest of the winter!

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Just a Canadian Girl said...

sorry that your having to deal with hives and a sick kid. it sucks! my 2 older ones had bad food allergies and had issues with hives. and having sick kids is never fun.