Monday, November 15, 2010

A Special Birthday

Ten years ago a life-changing event took place. My uncle was surprised with a 40th birthday party. Neither the fact that he turned 40 nor that there was a surprise party was life-changing, so much as two guests met that night and nothing's been the same ever since.

It was November of 2000. I was home for Thanksgiving after finishing my first quarter teaching in southeastern Ohio. My roommate, originally from Dayton, was home visiting her mom and I invited her down to my uncle's party. She has known my family for years, and knew my uncle specifically because he was one of the ones who called themselves my "dad" and came to visit for Dad's Weekend every January I was at OU. She was delighted to come and brought with her a friend from high school. This friend, my beloved. Well, we certainly didn't know that was going to be the case that night!

A lot has happened between November of 2000 and today, and if it wasn't for that fateful night, who knows where we might be? Certainly not talking about Casa Llena, that's for sure!

This past weekend was another suprise. Yep! a 50th birthday celebration. I was extremely bummed to not be able to attend, as the night that worked for most conflicted with something I had planned long ago. Kevin and the kids attended and had a great time. The theme of the party was to dress up like the birthday boy and the boys did a fantastic portrayal. My uncle played three sports in high school so that worked out for my three sons. He also coached a women's softball team and I almost finished Meredith's costume before leaving town.

Lou, the football player; Benny, the wrestler; Charlie the baseball player
Meredith, her mom slacks on finishing her costume

Happy Birthday, Uncle Hog!
We're looking forward to celebrating many more decades with you!

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