Monday, November 1, 2010

October 31st

The day started off with church school for Lou and Ben, then mass, then the Bengals game and then...waiting. Waiting for the clock to get to the time when the kids could put on their costumes.

Five o'clock arrived and we started getting dressed...and found out that Benny had grown quite a bit since this summer when Grandpa gave him a lion costume. Poor guy was stuffed into the lion and you could tell he was uncomfortable. It's too bad because it looked like it just came off the stage of The Lion King, it was that good. We couldn't find the Batman costume that he was wearing the night before, so he settled on the "bad" Spiderman costume. Thank goodness for friends' hand-me-downs for emergency backups!

Most of the gang

Sweet Mere, sans antennae

As soon as Charlie got his costume on he conked out on the couch. He slept for an hour before getting up, grumpily to take this picture. Benny's not grumpy, he's showing his "fierce" face.

We finally figured out that for Meredith to wear her antennae she had to have a hat on her head. The headband was too rough for hairless scalp.

Charlie and Louie with their friend, in their fighting poses

The dads took the kids around the neighborhood, which was different than the last time they did trick-or-treating, three years ago.* Kevin said they were sprinting from house to house, whereas in years past he had to coax Lou and Ben up to the door. Meredith insisted on walking herself to each door (which left her in the dust of her brothers and their friends) and then taking what she wanted out of the people's basket. This is the same thing that Benny used to do!

I stayed back at the house with chili and a bonfire, handing out candy with the friends' mom. There was a funny moment early in the candy dispensing. A group of middle school-aged kids came up in a herd. They are getting to the point where they may be a bit too old to go trick-or-treating and so they travel in packs. Many of them do not even wear costumes.

This particular group did pretty well in dressing up, although it seems to be the cool thing for boys of this age to wear wigs and dresses. Anyway, the first one got his candy and as he turned to walk away I realized what he was and said, "You're a piece of pizza!" He responds, "You're bright!" And I say, "Well, I did go to college." "No," he says, "I was talking about your shirt."

Man. I felt like a jerk. I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures but the orange shirt I was wearing last night was practically glowing. So many of the older trick-or-treaters tend to be somewhat smart alec-y and so I unfortunately assumed that this was what was going on. But we both got a good laugh out of it!

The biggest treat of the night was when Uncle Joe, Aunt Erin and Gracie showed up at the end of the night. Gracie was the cutest garden gnome you ever saw!

*Last year, Aunt Joanie and Uncle Josh were married on October 31st. The year before that, Daddy played in a baseball tournament in Florida during the week that Halloween fell.

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