Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Goes On

I have beef with "outlet" stores. I feel like the only service they are providing is one of sticking a group of popular retail stores in one spot. I rarely find the deals that warrant driving there.

Today was different.

Meredith and I happened upon a store that I haven't seen nor seen advertised before.Very simply, it is called Restaurant Supply Store and is labeled as an "outlet." They stick to this. I found some incredible deals today and am thrilled that we found the store. The manager was very helpful, and I think we may have found the bar stools for our (almost) finished basement! But what's great is that there are so many wonderful things to use in the kitchen and for entertaining. I have a feeling that I'll be making many visits to this place in the future.

So that's what happens when the three boys go to school. Mere and I have some free time to go shopping and she's learning what a thrill it is to find a great deal!


Amanda said...

Is this the one right off 75, between you and me?

Annie said...

Actually, it is in the same area, but a better store than the one that is visible from the highway. I think that one is called Wasserstrom's or something like that.