Friday, September 10, 2010


Spring has always had the distinction of being "the season of rebirth," and as much as I agree, fall has a similar effect for me. The crisp air, the coppery colors, the warmer clothing all have a rejuvenating effect on me.

Maybe it's the start of school, back into a routine and schedule. Maybe it's the anticipation of fun fall events like football games, bonfires and going to harvest festivals at farms. Whatever it is, my kids have caught the fever as well. Every day they want to get out the massive amount of decorations that I have for this time of year. The only reason we haven't yet is because I like to make sure the house is tidy before getting out stuff that despite the fact that I believe we are enhancing, really does clutter up the place!

So, with two weeks into the school year, we're starting to get a handle on the day-to-day life of having two youngin's in school full-time, homework, practices, meetings and all the other things that come into play. Soon we'll have the house decorated to welcome in this new season.

I am so glad that we live somewhere that we get to experience all the wonderful changes of the seasons!

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