Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To be or Not to be Sad

Charlie has his moments, but overall I think he's adjusted quite nicely to not having his two big brothers around. He likes being the big brother for Meredith and I'm sure he likes not having to fight for toys. Although, I really think that he misses having two guys to antagonize. That seems to be his specialty these days.

We go to the grocery (a relatively easy task now), we go to the park (Charlie was proud that he could climb up there all by himself), and we do age-appropriate activities for Charlie and Meredith (play games, watch Sesame Street).

It's been a nice transition. The summer was a lot of fun and we definitely miss the big guys, but there's something about routine and schedule that makes things flow more smoothly. The two little ones aren't getting the naps they deserve, but I'm thinking that it is just a fact of life for kids who have older siblings.

Charlie will soon be starting preschool, which is something he loves to talk about. He's excited to have a bookbag and wants to meet this Miss Sue and Miss Becky that his brothers always talk about. More changes are on there way...

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