Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soccer Update

I realized that I haven't made any posts about the boys' soccer. They are a few weeks into the season and really enjoying it.

Benny is in the Instructional league, so they play 3-on-3 on a field about a 1/4 of a regular soccer field, maybe smaller. He loves it. He doesn't get the strategy and footwork all the time, but he's really aggressive and quick so that makes up for a lot. He's also extremely expressive. He looks like those guys you see on the Sportscenter clips of soccer--throwing up his hands in defeat after an opposing player scores on him. It's very entertaining.

Louie has moved up to Passers and it is played 7-on-7. This has gotten very exciting for the spectators! Louie has made a name for himself as a long kicker. He's got good hand-eye coordination and can shoot the ball halfway to the goal. I haven't figured out if the field is regulation-sized (I'm guessing not), but they have a goalie and positions. Louie has played all the positions and has done pretty well.

The agony I have been feeling during these games is almost too much. They finally get the ball down field and then it's turned around without even an attempt on the goal. How can people do this to themselves week after week? Do I sound like a typical American? I imagine that the longer the boys play the more I'll understand and the more I'll see that it's a game more than just about scoring goals. And I think Mere is going to have a strong left kick so I better hurry up and learn something!

I'll post pictures soon.

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