Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Dirty on the Job

The boys have been begging to paint down in the basement. Really, to do anything down there. I think originally we were going to let them put some primer on the walls or something like that, but now the painting is completely done and there really isn't anything down there that we were ok with them doing.

That's when we spied the box of scrap wood that has been collecting in a corner. When I was little my grandpa did a lot of woodworking and would give my siblings and I his scrapwood to paint. I loved it. We'd find oddly-shaped pieces, use our imaginations to figure out what that piece wanted to be and then paint it.

So, when Kevin and I were painting, staining, and dry-walling the basement, the boys set up shop at a kid's size table right in the middle of all our work and got down to the business of painting wood. Don't be surprised if you get a brightly colored (animal/car/building) made out of wood for Christmas. They're very proud of their work.

And extremely dirty!

Why is Charlie in his underwear? He didn't want to put on "old clothes" so he decided that wearing the unds was good enough. His bottom then became his napkin, so to speak. Thank goodness for washable paints!

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