Friday, September 17, 2010

Go-Go-Go-Go on an Adventure!

The last few years I've been extremely impressed with the television being produced on PBS-Kids. They've managed to create shows that are a lot of fun while educating--not secretly, just showing that learning can be fun--and (this is the best part) it's not a chore for parents to watch along.

This fall, the only new show that has come out is The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That. I've always been a fan of the Dr. Seuss books, their silly pictures, fun language and introduction to a new and different ideas. The show so far has been pretty good, touching a lot on science ideas and using your imagination. It's entertaining and has a catchy tune (sometimes too catchy and it's stuck in my head the rest of the day).

One thing I haven't made a decision about is the voice of The Cat. It's Martin Short. I've never been a big fan. I loved his role in The Three Amigos but other than that I find him kind of annoying. The jury's still out on him, but it's not so bad that it takes away from the show. Along those same lines, I was surprised with some of the voices, namely the fish in the bowl that accompanies the kids, Nick and Sally and The Cat. It just wasn't what I thought the voice should sound like. But, with all books that are made into TV shows or movies, good or bad, things aren't always what you expect them to be.

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