Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name?

I've been told that my three boys' names are like three old men. I'm ok with that. I'm into the old fashioned names, and I like when siblings' names "go together." But how much does a name influence how you approach life? By having "old man" names, do the boys do things that other kids with more modern names wouldn't do, or vise versa? Here is a story told to me secondhand by Louie's friend's dad:

Louie got a ride to practice last night by his buddy's dad. On the way to practice Sam was telling his dad about how his mom was getting frustrated with him and his brother when they were getting into the car earlier that day. When she said something to the two of them, a group of teens walking by thought she was talking to them and had a response for her--one that included a "bad" word.

As the dad was taking it in, Louie responded, "Well, you know Sam...sometimes in life you're going to come across people like that."

And there you have it. Wisdom from the "old man's" mouth.

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