Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Future Cowboy?

We don't get to see the Reds play on television very often, and that's not a bad thing because we truly love listening to the game on the radio. I'm not sure if all cities have beloved announcers, but here in our house Marty Brennaman and Jeff "The Cowboy" Brantley are revered.

Brantley played a number of years in the majors, spending a good amount them with the Reds. One of the things I remember from when he was first hired on at wlw was the story he told about how he and his dad would sit in the car in their driveway and move it around until they got a good signal to listen to the Reds game--in Alabama! He won me over right then and there. He also told how he originally wanted to be a broadcaster, but was blessed with an arm that allowed him to pitch before he entered the broadcast booth.

Well folks, Louie maybe the second coming of The Cowboy. I'm not sure if he'll make it to the big leagues or not, but it is neat to watch him call the play-by-play of the games with his brothers, and even if he is by himself he calls the game. Maybe it's because we don't watch as much baseball as we listen to that has given him the ability to think like a baseball announcer. Regardless, it's a neat thing to watch, hear and wonder what the future holds for him.

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