Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day

Kevin and the boys took Grandpa to a Reds game yesterday for some good ol' fashioned boy-time. Plenty of hot dogs, peanuts and sunshine were on hand. Unfortunately, the Reds didn't want to cooperate in the specialness of the day and decided to blow it in the last inning, but with the great weather and company, everyone had a great time.

Meredith, Grandma and I had some good ol' fashioned girl-time of our own. We went to the new Cancun's restaurant in Norwood, and then spent the afternoon at the zoo before stopping by Uncle Nate's. Grandma got to witness Meredith's sheer exhilaration at seeing the animals as well as the talent she's developing as a singer. Both definitely need to be seen!

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