Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Wrath Against the Magical PJs

Second night of wearing pjs backward, second snowday.

Ben was not impressed. In fact, he was pretty darn mad today! He has good reason, though. Today he was supposed to go to school, but tonight was to be his VIP night. Every year the preschool has a night where a person who doesn't normally get to come into school visits with the student to see what the day is like. It's a shortened version of the day, and it's something Benny's really been looking forward to.

I tried to explain to him that Miss Cathy emailed to say that there was just too much snow in the parking lot to allow everyone to come tonight, but in his best "angry" voice, Benny yelled at Lou that it was his fault that Daddy can't come to school with him!

The night will be rescheduled, so I'm not feeling too badly for Benny, but I imagine it is hard when you believe that pajamas have the ability to control the weather.

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