Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Columbus is a Winter Wonderland

We were in Columbus this past weekend to celebrate Grandpa's birthday and it was the boys who got the gift--over two feet of snow! Not long after we arrived they were putting on their layers and heading out into the yard with Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Nate.

The area received over two feet of snow, compared to our maybe 6-8 inches. It was quite a sight and the boys were in heaven. Even though it was good "packing" snow, it wouldn't roll (that's what they told me). So instead they built forts and had a great time wrestling in the snow.

The snow was so wet you could pick it up in huge clumps and launch it. Here is Louie taking a shot at Grandpa.

Grandpa and the boys

This doesn't accurately depict all the snow they had, but it was the best I could get.

Group shot before the snowball fight began

Grandma and Meredith (and Mommy!) enjoying the warm indoors.

They built two forts and had a snowball fight. Louie decided to risk getting pelted in order to get up close to fire on Daddy.

Kevin was wondering why he was so sore the next day...he was tackling out in the snow worse than the boys.

Charlie trying to love on his sister (He was the first one done with the snow.)

Singing Happy Birthday

Aunt Jill & Meredith

Sunday morning--beautiful sunny day shining on the sparkly snow

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