Monday, February 22, 2010

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Ahhh...just what we need amidst all the snow and chill of February.

On Friday we met up with Amanda, Owen and Eli at Krohn's to pretend that it was warmer than it actual was. Of course the day we pick to go it's a fairly mild day (38 degrees) that we could have spent outside, as long as it was on concrete. Otherwise it would have been pretty muddy. Regardless, I'm glad we made the decision to go to the conservatory.

Right away it was time to eat! I can only imagine what it's going to be when these guys are going through puberty!

After inhaling their pb&js they headed over to this sand vessel and played while Amanda and chatted. So very nice.

I know that it's always hot inside the conservatory, but today was extraordinarily warm! How awful that I get to be around all these gorgeous flowers and in the sun and warmth (sorry, I thought this shot was nicer and it seems really blurry!) and I complain about it!

The boys shared their special treat of gummy frogs with Owen and Eli. Not sure how good they were. They might have been lime flavored, which I'm not a big fan of.

Owen is destined to be a tour guide. Maybe that is the way he can support himself through college to earn his degree in some sort of science. This kid knows what he's talking about!

Seeing all the plants got me excited for spring. I am starting to plan for the garden.

And I dreamed of a day that I could actually grow a beautiful plant...

This patient lady waited for the boys to get in position to take the cave picture. I don't think she expected to be in it!

Did you think I was kidding about how hot it was? We had to go outside to take a breather and let the boys run around without their coats on!

They had such a good time playing tag and chase and I'm sure everyone thought we were terrible moms to let them outside without hats and coats.

It was a gorgeous day spent with great friends!

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Amanda said...

You are so kind, putting your little "Owen's a tour guide" spin on the incessant talking. :) Only one of the many reasons I like you. :)