Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Still Shots from Hoopsfest

Here are some pictures from the warm-up and game on Saturday. Sorry the pictures are so grainy. The light wasn't the greatest and because they were playing full court I was taking the shots back a little further than in previous games.

The kids were so excited even though I don't think they had any clue what was going on. The organization that runs the basketball (and baseball) program is incredible. The woman in charge is so dedicated to the kids--really emphasizing that it is about the kids having fun. The kids learn a lot because the pressure is not there and grow both as an athlete and as a person. So glad we're a part of it!

In line doing their layups before the game

After they ran through the banner, the team members were announced individually

Louie always plays under the basket with his hands up

Gracie wore her warm-up suit just in case they needed an extra player.
Turns out Louie has a teammate named Grace who made some great shots!

Meredith wore her ballerina outfit to be the cheerleader on this special day. (Can you believe I allowed this? Ah, how time has changed me ;)

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