Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Done with the Snow

The meteorologist said that the snow was going to start at midnight (it didn't), then 2:30am (I was up--no snow), but by the time folks were traveling to work there was a steady, heavy snowfall. It has been going non-stop ever since.

Some things were left in the van from our trip to Jungle Jim's yesterday and when I went out to get them I couldn't get over all the snow. Last week I shoveled a pathway to each side of the van and put salt down. You couldn't tell anything was shoveled at any point.

This first picture was taken a couple of days ago. All along the front of the house we have some mega icicles. With the warming up, a little bit of melting and refreezing (didn't know how icicles were made, did ya?), they have quadrupled in size! I feel like this second picture doesn't do them justice. Maybe if I work up the nerve I'll go outside and take another picture of them. Needless to say, I won't be upset when it warms up enough for them to disappear all together!

The boys are getting stir-crazy. They have no desire to go outside to play in the snow anymore and it seems like the only thing on their agenda is to get on each others nerves. And mind. Poor Meredith is getting her two front teeth in and they have been worse than the bottom two. Her gums are swollen and pink with pain. And to make matters worse, I hear that Cleveland is sunny today! Spring--your arrival will be much appreciated!

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