Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Really Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

I just finished a book called Identical Strangers, which is a true story about two women who were adopted as babies find out at 35 that they have an identical twin. What is most fascinating about the book was the idea of nature versus nurture. The book was written by the twins themselves and not only did they include their own story, but those of other twins they met and those they researched.

More often than not, from what they found much of your personality is determined in your genes. I had a hard time digesting that one. It is understandable that your DNA plays a role in making you who you are, but don't you want to believe that the experiences that have shaped your life have also been a part of you, you? I do.

But then I look at Kevin and see how amazing of a person he is and if the boys and Meredith are blessed with any of his aspects, then they are lucky kids. For instance, last weekend we were home and did a good, thorough cleaning of the house. I was upstairs with the boys in their room and Kevin was straightening up in our room. All of a sudden I heard some construction-type noises in downstairs and I figured he finished and was working on the basement.

Later, I go down and see that he has constructed this awesome shoe-shelves-doo-hickey that is perfect for our closet! This is something I've struggled with for so long--the frustration of never being able to find anything on the floor of our closet. He goes and whips it out in about 15 minutes. He is amazing!

I'm so glad that in their little bodies they have the ability to do great things like their daddy! How interesting it will be to watch these kids grow and develop into themselves, regardless of who shares some of their genes.

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