Monday, February 15, 2010

My Funny Valentines

Last year for Valentine's Day Kevin worked in the basement and the boys and I made decorations and dinner for him. We did the same thing this year and it was a real treat.

These are stained-glass hearts that Louie made at his Valentine's Day party.

While Ben and Charlie napped, Louie punched out paper hearts and I used a sewing machine to make them into Valentine's Day garland! (Can you see how excited I am about doing the most basic things on a sewing machine--ha, ha.)

I made a devil's food chocolate cake with vanilla icing and the boys decorated it for Kevin.

The first time was an honest mistake, but after hearing every few seconds Oops--I got icing on my finger! I figured that they were using that as a ploy to taste the dessert before they ate dinner.

This was the finished product. I thought they did a pretty good job of decorating. Especially since all three were doing at the same time. I had visions of it being ripped in three because one was putting red hots on their section of the cake. What's funny is that they didn't end up eating any of the decorations. None like cinnamon and only Ben and Char like peppermint, but they didn't want it with their cake.

After making the cake they made a "Happy Valentine's Day" poster where they each colored a few letters and then glued on conversation hearts.

Our Valentine's Day dinner! We had pork loin (using my always-a-winner Paula Deen recipe!), asparagus (the boys had a salad) and couscous. Who needs a fancy-smancy restaurant when you have Casa Llena?

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