Monday, March 1, 2010

Saint Kevin

On Saturday, I had an annual event where I travel a little less than an hour to spend an entire day scrapbooking with my good friend from college. Catching up on our lives through chatting goes on more than in the pages in our albums, but it is something I really look forward to each year.

That day also turned out to be Louie's basketball banquet day as well as a fundraiser at his school called "Fun Fest." Kevin, who I knew would have no problem doing it all with all the kids, took everyone to both events and gained the respect and admiration of other mothers who were at both events. They were mesmerized by his lack of anxiety over having the four youngins out by himself. They actually called him "Saint Kevin!"

I count myself fortunate that I have a wonderful husband who is willing and comfortable taking his kids so I can get away for the day, and I don't have any worries while I'm gone. Thank you, Kevin!

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