Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Palm Sunday and Ravioli

Sacred Heart is the church that my Grandpa grew up in and on Palm Sunday they have a big ravioli and spaghetti dinner after mass that is a fundraiser for their parish. The boys did really well in mass, which is one of the more difficult ones for little ones to sit through because of the long gospel.

Afterward they were rewarded with a delicious meal of handmade ravioli and meatballs with spaghetti! There is a line that starts immediately after church gets out and then the doors open for the meal to begin at noon. The first time I looked at the time it was 11:24am. This can be a long time for anyone, especially for little kids! We had a few snacks and some pads of paper for them to draw on and it wasn't a terrible experience waiting in line.

One of the stopping points was a set of stairs--out of the way for the boys to rest and not get in anyone's way.

Not so interested in drawing, Charlie ate Meredith's cheerios.

Do you see Louie enjoying the spaghetti?

It is a very chaotic event--so many people running around, serving, finding tables. We had a great young kid named Seth as our server who worked hard to make our meal enjoyable.

Meredith was a big fan of the delicious Italian food!

It's nice to go with Grandpa to his old stomping grounds, hear about what the neighborhood was like when he lived there. A very enjoyable day overall!

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