Monday, March 1, 2010

In Honor of the Hockey Game...

Louie lost his first tooth!

Does this even happen anymore? I feel like growing up, seeing large, hairy men with missing teeth equated hockey players. Is that a fair assumption? Probably not.

Anyway, after a long, agonizing battle with his mouth, the first tooth made its way out on Sunday. There was no blood, but could any have been expected after the bloodshed of before? He was incredibly excited to place it under his pillow that night.

He placed it on the far right side of his pillow when he went to bed and proceeded to place his head directly on top of it. He woke up the next morning with a dollar bill in his hand (apparently our tooth fairy pays less than the going rate for teeth), energized with the motivation to get another tooth out!

Good news is that the big teeth have cut the distance to the front line in half, which may explain why the tooth made its way out, despite our efforts to have Louie wiggle it out himself. The second tooth is so loose that it can bend all the way out, but does not want to leave its home just yet. Stay tuned for more loose tooth updates!

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