Monday, March 1, 2010

What Do These Three Have in Common?

About a month ago my mom came across a box. Inside was filled with clothes that I wore when I was a baby! Many are too small for Meredith now (including the outfit I wore home from the hospital!), but I found these to be just right for her. Although a bit dated, they aren't nearly as bad as they could be. The 1970s were not a great period in fashion history for babies.

Picture #1 is a classic Osh Kosh design. The vibrancy of the pink is even something you'd find in clothes today. I love the sweater in picture #2. There's a ribbon that is weaved through it and there are tiny rose buds sewn into the fabric. The dress in #3 reminds me of Raggedy Ann. I had an over-sized doll when I was little and this is very similar to what it wore.

On a more important note, today Miss Meredith is nine months old! After four kids, I still can't believe how fast time goes by. She is not very close to crawling, but she is talking up a storm and eating exclusively table food. Her checkup is later this week so I'll be updating you on her stats!

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