Monday, March 1, 2010

A Great American?

Apparently I've never blogged about Benny's obsession with being a "great American." It's a long story, but here goes:

There's a local radio personality who calls himself a "Great American" and guests on his show whom he finds ideas that he agrees with he also calls "Great Americans." I have an uncle who had a back and forth with this celebrity at a Reds game and it was a really funny story when my uncle shared it with us.

This morphed into a thing that all my uncles now do with my boys--specifically with Benny--they call each other "Great Americans." I've shared before how Ben has roles for boys and girls, and apparently only boys can be "Great Americans." The boys have gotten very passionate about this thing, even though I'm pretty sure they have no idea what this means.

My thoughts were proven correct when we watched the Olympic hockey finals on Sunday. The boys were very excited, as they absolutely love hockey, and they made signs to root for their team. Guess who Benny made a sign for? The Canucks.

He did not back down. Not one iota. He was rooting for Team Canada and no one was going to tell him different. Oh, but by the way, he is still a "Great American."

The game was incredible--just what you want in a gold-medal competition. Benny never backed away from his choice, even though the rest of us were wholeheartedly cheering on the Red, White & Blue. Benny gets that way. Once he gets something in his head, he sticks with it and I have to say that may be partly my fault. I tend to get very stubborn about things and once I make a decision I'll often stick with it even though I may come to realize it's not the best decision. And a lot of times the choices I make are because I don't like doing what everyone else is doing. I don't know how to justify that.

In the end, Benny was very excited that "his" team won. He wants to remind you that he still is a "Great American," but he's also a winner.

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