Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If there isn't a party, is it a real birthday?

Louie's birthday landed on a Monday. It was the Monday before Easter, and a couple days before his good friend went out of town, so: no party...yet. We did have a special dinner (homemade cheese pizza) and a really cool cake, Louie still said, "But today isn't really my birthday, is it?"

Here are a few pics from our family celebration. It was still a pretty cool day. He brought brownies to school for his class treat--brownies with yellow icing and bunny rabbit sprinkles. His friend Sarah told him to tell me that they were the best brownies she had ever, ever had. My secret? About an inch of icing on top of each one! I'm sure their teacher was really excited about that!

After school we went to scout out a new park in which to have Meredith's first birthday party (we take our parties pretty seriously around here!). Grandma R. met us there and gave Louie a little gift since his party with the family is so far off for an eager little one. A fun chapter book with all his favorite characters! It still amazes me that kids can read so well in kindergarten.

The boys had a good time on the jungle gym at this park--I think it's a winner! When we got home they all took it easy, watching Madagascar while I made up the dough for the pizza. Oh, and Louie got to open some really cool cards he got in the mail! Little person or big person, I think everyone loves getting (non-bill related) stuff in the mail.

Daddy got home and he had a surprise--Aunt Jill had met him after work to give another little gift to Louie. After dinner he opened it up to find a bag of mini chocolate baseballs and a dinosaur that poops out candy. Aunt Jill knows what her godson likes!

You know you want one of these guys...yes, once again I embarrass myself with pictures of disastrous desserts. Too much packed into one day means a shoddy job on the cake. Louie loved it, though! Fortunately we had a cute plastic bunny to put on top to take away from the dripping gel pen that wouldn't cooperate!

Louie was fine with all of his siblings blowing out (spitting out) his candles along with him.

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