Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trains, they don't go out of style

Aunt Joanie and Uncle Josh took three lucky boys to Frisch's for lunch and then to EnterTRAINment Junction. It was the first visit for our guys and from the sounds of it, it may have to be an annual trip!

When the boys were picked up they were each handed their own conductor hat and jumped in the van to listen to the cool tunes from "The Chipmunk Movie (The Squeakquel)". The boys were definitely being indulged because as much as I love the Chipmunks, listening to their high-pitched renditions of the latest pop songs is not my cup of tea.

The promotion the train place was running in March is that with each paid admission you get free admission to the Fun House. They saved it for the end of their day and apparently it was made for older kids, although no one said anything to warn them before they went through it. It must have been quite scary because when they were through with it Louie nervously asked Joanie when they were going to the fun house. When Joanie told him that's what they just went through Lou yells out, "They call that fun?!"

They decided to go back to the Imagination Junction area, which seemed to be the highlight for all three of the boys. Trains always have been and, I imagine, always will be a hit with these guys.

Thank you Aunt Joanie and Uncle Josh!

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