Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring has SpRuNg!

The neatest thing happened yesterday:

I was making lunch and looked out the window on the rainy day. In our backyard was a natural wonderland. A little brown bunny was poking around the big tree in the back, nibbling on the ivy. Three robins were poking their beaks into the ground, grabbing worms. Tiny chickadees were fluttering around the newly filled bird feeder. I called Benny and Charlie over to the window so they could check it all out for themselves. So much action taking place at once!

Our yard has had some beautiful flowers pop up over the last couple weeks, but seeing all the animals return to our yard was the icing on the cake! Yes, the rains are here and we can't be outside as much as we'd like, but these are the signs that winter is over and that makes us all very happy!

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