Monday, March 8, 2010

Late Praises

I guess I forgot to post a big development for Charlie Bear.

Last week we were sitting at breakfast and he said his belly hurt. I asked if he wanted to sit on the potty and he said yes. He grabbed a book, sat down on the little potty and after a short while he said he was finished. That he pooped.

Yeah right, I thought.

But he got up and there I saw a little gift he left in the pot. Wow! I was in such shock that I think I scared Charlie! I gave him a piece of candy as a reward and kept talking it up as to how he was such a "big boy" for going potty. (Side note: Benny and Louie could pee all day in the potty, but going number two was a different story. This was a big deal!) I couldn't tell if he was acting shy or embarrassed, but this was definitely a different Charlie that I was seeing.

He hasn't gone since, and has showed no interest, even though he knows that candy is involved. Oh well. At least we know that it is possible, and he may be able to go to preschool potty trained!

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