Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Decorating Eggs

With one week to go before Easter, we needed to color our eggs! Grandma and Grandpa R came over and we set to work--about twenty eggs needed to be decorated and it turned out that it wasn't that big of a duty. Little kids fly through their eggs. The boys decided to also include watercolor paint in their decorating, which did add a few minutes to the amount of time they spent on each one!

No special techniques were used this year, although I did find a neat marbleizing look that I just didn't have time to put into action. Crayons, watercolor paint and vinegar dyes were what was available. Here are some shots from the evening:

The "before" shot

Charlie, hard at work, for a minute or two

Along with yellow, blue was a favorite dye to use.

Benny, experimenting with different colors. One of his eggs became a curious shade of gray.

Looking, with trepidation, at the lack of blank eggs still available.

"What's all the fuss over the eggs? I think this paper towel is pretty cool!"

The "finished" product

"Easter Bunny" by Louie

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