Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things that go bump in the night (and during the day)

Poor Charlie.

When we were at my parents today to swim Charlie fell off the couch (may or may not have been caused by Benny) and bumped the back of his head on the coffee table and received from it a nice golf ball-sized bump. He cried for a few minutes, but then was ready to swim.

Tonight, Louie and Charlie were playing a good old fashioned game of what we like to call "chase." It went back and forth, and when Louie was chasing Charlie, Little Man tripped and hit his forehead square on the leg of a dinning room chair. Major goose egg.

It's great when head injuries happen right before bed. All the signs (dilated eyes, not acting like himself, inverted lump, etc.) weren't present, so we didn't take him to the hospital. He seems to be ok and after some TLC he stopped crying, although he does have a stomach-cringer of a lump on his head. Is this just part of being the third boy?

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