Monday, August 31, 2009

School Days

Everyone was excited for Louie's first day of kindergarten. Benny with his Heisman pose; Charlie with his very enthusastic "cheese"; Daddy's clean shaven smile; Meredith bouncing up and down; and Louie's open-wide smile. Not sure what this kindergarten means, but we can't wait!

We started taking First Day of School pictures on our side porch, so here is another entry for Louie.

Of course, you can't leave Benny and Charlie out of the mix.

It was pretty chilly this morning. We made the mistake of leaving windows open last night and pretty much everyone except Meredith had an awful night of sleep! That's the only thing I can think of as to why they all were awake through the night, that it was too cool for them to sleep well. Oh well, at least the kids won't be sweating through their first day of school!

Traffic is kind of a mess at drop-off time so we got there with plenty of time to go and sat in the parking lot a bit before going into school.

Daddy was able to join in the fun of the first day.

This is Louie's seat at his table. There are four tables of six kids in his room. They have a pouch on the back of their seats that holds their binders and workbook. Outside the room in the hall is where they hang up their book bags, jackets and a shelf to put stuff like their lunch box on--thanks Uncle Nate for the cool Bengals box!

I had to snag one last picture. Not sure he was too enthused about it. I think I may have embarrassed him a bit, but I wanted a shot of him in front of his door...and I wasn't ready to leave just yet. I didn't tear up until after I got home--I wanted to put on a brave face for my boy--but I wanted to stay until I knew he was going to be all right. I'm sure he will be, but I would love to be peeking in the window of his classroom right now.

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Amanda said...

Oh! I thought about you all day yesterday and wondered how you were doing! I really intended to call or email, but you see how that went! :) I'm so glad he likes it! Love the new title and the cute little tongues sticking out picture. Adorable!