Thursday, August 13, 2009

In the dark about a shot

I'm not sure who does the scheduling, but apparently our doctor's office thinks it's perfectly ok to do toddler well appointments at 3:15 in the afternoon. About half of our van was asleep on the way to the office. That being said, when you wake toddlers up from their nap before it's time they're going to be cranky. It was an interesting trip.

By now you are aware of how the boys are freaked out about shots. I have decided a while back that I will not inform them of anything of the sort, because all it does is prolong the agony.

So, you can imagine Lou's shock and surprise when he learned that he was getting shots on a day that wasn't even his appointment! Poor kid.

But let me back it up. Benny and Charlie have the same birthday and this has been helpful in a number of ways, but today it was that whatever Benny did, Charlie was completely ok with also doing, because they are great examples of Monkey See, Monkey Do. Get on the scale? Great! Get measured against the wall? Fine! It helps when you give Charlie a number afterward, then a high five. He doesn't care or know what it all means, but it makes him feel good, like he just won something. (We now have an electronic thermometer that goes across the forehead and whenever it needs to be used all three need to have theirs checked and we have to see who "wins." Not sure if it's the high or low number...I have a feeling I've told this story before.)

Then they were checked out by the doctor, asked questions, then on to the tough stuff. I had all three sitting on the table and tried to keep them occupied with goofy games and then with pictures I was taking. Here are a few:

I tried to get them to do "Hear No Evil" but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.
Charlie: "What are we doing again?"

Ben and Lou wanted to make sure Charlie knew what he was doing.

They gave up and just started acting like monkeys.

Meredith, watching throughout the whole thing, just teaches herself to suck her thumb.

When the nurse came in they each got the flu mist up both nostrils. I've never had it done, but it looked like it wasn't much fun. Then the nurse asked if I had a game plan. Charlie first? He only had one shot. Char did great. Quick little cry and then was thrilled when the nice nurse said to pick out TWO stickers. Ok, that's over.

Then what do we do--Ben then Lou, or Lou then Ben? Not sure if it would have been better the other way around, but this way was not good. Louie looked on in horror as Benny got a shot in each arm. Then when we turned to him he started, in a high pitch scream, howling that he's not going to get a shot. Tears streaming down his face, I had to restrain him as the nurse poked him with the needles. After it was done he barely shed another tear and went to pick out a couple of cool jungle animal stickers.

I don't want you to think I'm not sensitive to my kids' fears and anxieties. It's one of those times where the tough love comes in to play. I want them to bravely get a shot, knowing that it will hurt for just a second and then you get cool stuff, like stickers. And besides, if Louie didn't get the shot he wouldn't be going to kindergarten. For all the bad things that happen, something good comes of it. Like an 99-cent ice cream from McDonald's on the way home. See, it was all worth it.

Oh, and their stats, if you're interested:
  • Benny: 40 inches tall, 40 pounds. (A square.)
  • Charlie: 29 inches tall, 31 pounds. (Not sure. Can't remember much from sophomore year geometry.)

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