Sunday, August 2, 2009

An August Picnic

We went to a picnic at Mt. Airy Forest on Saturday and had a great time! I know I'm said this over and over again, but this mild summer we're having really made the day enjoyable. I know Kevin would have something else to say about it, running around playing baseball. He was definitely sweating!

Grandpa and Louie, tossing. Something about this picture reminds me of The Natural, when Roy and his dad were tossing in the field, and then Roy and his son. What a great movie...

Grumpy Charlie, because he wanted to use the camera and momma said no.

Benny's little smile

There were a bunch of little ones there and these were the littlest of the little.

Benny, Lisa, Elizabeth and Grandpa

They had a candy drop for the kids and here they are racing around trying to find bulls-eyes, tootsie rolls, and other chewy goodies.

Charlie was very proud of his winnings!

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Amanda said...

Loved the grumpy and smiley Charlie shots! (And the "I can't remember" :))