Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anxiety Attack

Last night we went to Louie's new school's open house. When I think of open houses, I think that it's a pretty casual event, come and go as you please. Apparently this is not the case with schools. From 6-6:30pm you could tour the school and meet with your teacher. At 6:30pm there was a presentation in the gym for all the students, then from 6:45pm-7:30pm you could again tour the school and meet with your teacher.

We got there at 6:30pm.

It was my fault. I told Kevin to take his time coming home from work, then he changed and by the time we found a parking spot and walked the few blocks to the school it was time for the meeting in the gym to begin. It was packed in there on a hot August night, so we just headed down to Louie's classroom. It was kind of a nice accident, so to speak, because we had the classroom to ourselves and he was able to find his seat and check out all the cool stuff.

The Cool Stuff (by Louie):
  • 3 Mac computers that had Clifford the Big Red Dog games on them
  • his name tag on his assigned seat, with a pack on the back of the chair that has a binder with his name on it as well
  • the big colorful rug that is surrounded by great books, some he is familiar with others new, but look good
  • a giant job board that reminds him of the job board from preschool
  • he found the seats for three kids he already knows: Alex, of course, from preschool and his soccer team; Jack, a friend of Alex's who went to the museum with them; and Sarah, a girl on his soccer team
I'm so glad he got to explore the room when it was just him and his family because once the meeting was over and the other families and teacher came in, he shut up like a clam. The sweet teacher (I'm a good few years older than her--wow!) came walking up to him and he turned and walked in the opposite direction! Lou was so nervous and had to be prodded to say something to her. He eventually did open up, especially when she told him that she heard that he knew a few kids in the class. I shouldn't be surprised--Louie has always been a bit shy when encountering a new situation.

After we left, Louie and I dropped off Kevin and the other kids and went out to get school supplies and new gym shoes. Louie was telling me that he was very uncomfortable in his class, but that it'll just take some time to get used to it. Glad to hear that he knows it's going to get better!

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