Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Campout '09

We left our house on Thursday with the knowledge that there were tornadoes in northern Indiana and the exact time we were supposed to be setting up our tent, the entire campsite was covered in "green" on the national radar. This would not be good.

Turns out that it was a beautiful day, in fact, a beautiful weekend save for the forty-five minutes that it rained on Saturday. Without offending any family members, weather people are quacks. It drives me absolutely nuts that we schedule our days based on what the weather is supposed to be, and then I get upset when the weather is nothing like it was supposed to be. But that is for another post.

Again, sidewalk chalk made an appearance on this trip. These are shadow drawings of the boys. They got a kick out of seeing themselves on the ground. Charlie didn't fully understand what I was doing and changed position and also opened and closed his hands while I was drawing which made for an interesting outline.

Another Louie drawing of me with my fantastic hair.

This was Meredith's second campout and she proved once again that she is indeed the happy camper.

The group that went this time had tons of kids, which was great for the boys! Bikes, baseball, s'mores, what more could you ask for?

And although Abby doesn't have anyone around her age to play with, she certainly is developing into quite the babysitter!

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