Monday, August 31, 2009

Tales from Kindergarten

Picking up the guys after the first day

In Germany there is a tradition where parents give their kids a schultuete on the first day of school. It translate to "school cone" and is filled with sweet treats and school supplies. I thought this would be a fun tradition to start for our family, hoping to get kids excited for a new year. I had big plans for Louie's first schultuete...and time ran out so he got somewhat of a generically decorated cone.

Louie picked out a Batman bookbag (my favorite superhero, too!), so I went with that in decorating the cone. I also found some little Batman goodies at the store to put in the cone. For the school supply side of things, he got a package of pencils (pirate symbols and reflective), glue sticks, mini composition books, oh, and a pair of Lightning McQueen socks. For some reason the boys have been obsessed with socks as of late.

Louie was great in sharing with his brothers all of the schultuete treats. Here is a picture of them after then enjoyed a package of the Batman candies. Nothing cooler than the treat that turns your tongue blue!

Talking to Louie and Alex on the way home from school was neat, finding out what their favorite thing in the classroom is (playing games on the computer), what neat class did they have (music), and what was the best thing about the day (TWO recesses!). On top of it all, they got to celebrate Alex's birthday at school today and there were so many cookies that they had one at school and brought three home (thank goodness for threes!).

Louie can't wait to go back tomorrow. Ah, what a joy it is for young people to go to school. So curious about everything, and fortunately for Louie, he has a very sweet teacher who will do a great job in fostering that!

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