Thursday, September 18, 2008


I think sharpies are great. I love all the colors available, I love that they write on most everything and I love that they're permanent. That is, I used to.

Lou took a RED sharpie to the carpet (beige) and wall (white) in our living room in big patches. Oh, and there's a big "X-marks-the-spot" in between the living room and dining room.

So mad. He's four! He has to know better.

I found out that rubbing alcohol works to get it out. I'll let you know the success rate after I'm finished.

He claims it was an accident. No! It is not when I can see your chicken nugget people on the wall. An accident is when you have a marker in your hand, you fall and you get a small mark on the carpet. Not one the size of Rudi.

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