Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reading, Writing, & Really Good Times

Off to school--Daddy was able to go in with us to see Benny off on his first day. We first headed down to Louie's classroom and after giving hugs and a kiss he was off to start the day.

I was bracing myself because I wasn't sure what was going to happen with Ben. We missed last week's open house because of our illness and he wasn't formally aware of how the classroom worked. He put his book bag and jacket in his cubby, gave us a hug and kiss, and walked right into the classroom. No tears, no looks back, nothing but smiles and a curious look at what these four walls hold for him.

What cracks me up is when I went to pick them up both Miss Sue, Miss Becky, and the director, Miss Leigh Anne said how much Ben is like Lou. "He's so quiet!" they all said. WHAT? Obviously Benny is taking his time getting comfortable because "quiet" is one thing he is not. Unless he is sick. I laughed and said we'll see what happens next time.

They both had "homework" and we finished it after lunch. Ben had to answer some questions and attach a picture that will be included in a class book that will go home to all the families in the class. Lou had to do the same thing, but he also had a couple of worksheets to do. One sheet had all capital letter, the second had all lower-case letters. All he had to do was copy the letter beneath the one on the sheet. Not tough stuff, but you can tell that their mission is to get them geared up for kindergarten. They need to see where each student is to see where they can go...or at least that what I'm thinking.

I don't know about them, but I'm excited for the school year!

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