Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lunken's Fun

We had big plans to go hiking with Owen and Eli, but the terrible storm still has not be erased from all areas of our city. California Woods apparently still has too much debris to let the public in, so luckily with Lunken right around the corner we were able to have lunch and run around like crazy people in the park.

Above is a picture of Charlie's ninth time down the slide. Saying he loves slides is quite an understatement, and it is hilarious to watch. He has a million different ways to go down and the best part is the static that it creates in his hair.

As innocent as this looks, it's pretty gross (and so I take a picture). The boys are trying to get a drink after a long day's play and before Amanda and I realize it, the boys are lapping the water. Yes, some how the water wasn't draining and so instead of putting in the effort to figure out how to align the mouth with the spout of water, they decided to lick it out of the basin of the drinking fountain. How many birds took their bath in their today??

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Liz said...

Look at that gorgeous white hair... reminds me of my sisters. Why oh why didnt I get that gene? :)