Sunday, September 21, 2008

Answer: Poop

Question: When deciding what to paint the garage so that it adds to the "outdoor living room" look we were going for, what color do you choose?

Goodness. I didn't think it looked too bad when Kevin first painted it. I thought that it'd grow on me. Then Lou tells Daddy that it looks like someone wiped poop all over the wall. You can't fault a kid for honesty. Good thing both Mommy & Daddy agreed.

I wanted something that was earth-tone in color. Something warm, natural, and works well with the backyard. This can of paint was discounted because it was a mis-tint. Big mis-take! Now it'll have to be redone--and hopefully soon because it's painful to look out in the backyard.

I'm looking forward to next spring, though. We're going to build arbor-like structure over the patio and grow wisteria on it. I want it to have a built-in bench and subtle lighting. I have a dream backyard in mind and I'm thinking the boys are going to hate having their baseball field taken over.

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