Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boogie Down!

Saturday night we had Jason & Megan's wedding down at St. Peter in Chains and then the reception a bit later at the Shriners Hall. The first thing you noticed when you walked in is that there was no air conditioning. Yep! The A/C broke and the only form of cooling off was the plentiful cold drinks and one industrial-sized fan. One. Jason sweats. A lot.

It's such a beautiful church. This is where I graduated from high school.

Megan's mom is a florist and did an incredible job with the flowers!

But really, who doesn't get hot at weddings? I just felt bad for those guys in blue dress shirts. Once everyone starting dancing it didn't really matter, just the pictures weren't all that pretty the next day with everyone's film o' sweat :) The DJ did a good job of letting us know how hot it was by playing temperature appropriate songs. It was pretty funny.

But what stole the show was Louie's dance moves. I can hear you questioning me, It's easy to interchange names when you have three boys. No, it was my usually bashful firstborn who was cutting a rug like never before seen.

Charlie-Bear, much more comfortable.

I thought it was going to be a short night. Especially with the heat, I figured they'd get cranky and be ready to crash. We were half way through dinner when Kevin took Charlie's shirt off and he spent the rest of the evening in just overalls. We bring the hillbilly factor to events. People got a kick out of him, especially when he showed how much rhythm he has. He clapped and bobbed his head to all the songs.

He had so much fun dancing with Lexi.

Lou and Ben were sitting in chairs on the edge of the dance floor and Charlie was pretty worn out from dancing really hard so I started packing up our stuff to leave. When I get back to where my guys were I find Louie busting a move out among the other dancers! Well, this doesn't happen very often, so even though Ben was being Mr. Grumpypants and Charlie was asleep on my shoulder, we danced the night away!

They are ready to go home!

It wasn't just that. When "Stayin' Alive" came on, I was trying to teach Lou all the dance moves from the Airplane flashback bar scene. He got really good at shooting his index fingers in the air...a couple of songs later. Every time he did the dance crowd cheered, which was all the motivation he needed to keep doing it over and over again! He also has this move where he keeps his left toes firmly planted on the floor and uses his right foot to push off for a spin move.

Needless to say we had a great time and I'm so glad we stayed!

The dancing machine needed some water for the ride home!

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