Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Day

Who cares if the lawn needs to be mowed, closets need to be organized, and rooms needed to be cleaned--it was Fan Appreciation Day! All the work I had typed up on a To-Do list flew out the window because we needed to take advantage of a nice day and the ending of a pathetic season.

The bleachers were too hot so we headed down under the stacks to get misted. They weren't on, but the boys enjoyed having lots of room to play baseball, since the game wasn't much to watch.

Here's some brotherly love! Yes, I saw how dirty the ground was here, but they're kids and dirt is a magnet for them. A good thing for the Reds: If we can manage to hold on to some of our young players, next season will have some bright spots to it. There is definitely an energy there now that wasn't there most of the season.

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Liz said...

Look at those little overalls! So precious! :)